Largest Open-source and Linux Technology User Group in North America…


On September 11, 2021, the largest Open-source and Linux Technology User Group in North America was launched on the internet at and on the Telegram social platform.

Launching to an initial group of 44,000 subscribers on Telegram, is a focused community of Christian conservatives committed to study and innovation relating to Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), computers, laptops, mobile devices and the Linux computer operating system.

The initial subscription base of at 44,000 members is believed to exceed the membership of what was previously known as the largest computer user group in North America, the Boston Computer Society, which grew to about 30,000 enthusiasts from 1977 to 1996, and Canada’s TPUG, which at one time grew to 22,000 members.

The online community consists of both free and paid monthly recurring memberships and premium instructional courses led by digital professionals including Jeffrey Peterson.


Peterson is a veteran technology entrepreneur and founder of QP/MeetMe, a top-20 online Social Network, also the first Social Network to trade on a Stock Exchange in the history of the United States. Founded by Peterson at the dawn of the ‘.com internet boom’ in 1998, QP/MeetMe was acquired by Florida venture-capitalist turned politician Richard L. Scott in 2007 and sold in a $500MM acquisition to NuCom, the German corporate parent of eHarmony in March, 2020.

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