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Sifos Technologies, Inc. ( as the recognized industry leader in Power over Ethernet (PoE) testing, Sifos Technologies has worked closely with the Ethernet Alliance to facilitate a highly cost-effective and labor-efficient process whereby Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) and Powered Device (PD) manufacturers seek and maintain Ethernet Alliance PoE logo certifications. Read further to better understand what Ethernet Alliance PoE logo certification means and why it is important as explained by industry experts from Cisco and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.


The Ethernet Alliance formulated the PoE certification program to promote improved interoperability and safety within PoE enabled networks where wide varieties of PD’s obtain power from wide varieties of PSE’s. A large majority of installed PSE’s furnish power to multiple PD’s of various types and functions. Gen 1 EA logo certification applies to IEEE 802.3at (15 and 30 watt) conformant PSE’s and PD’s while newer Gen 2 Ethernet Alliance logo certification covers IEEE 802.3bt (up to 90 watt) conformant PSE’s and PD’s.

Networks composed of PSE’s and PD’s that carry Ethernet Alliance PoE logos are more likely to function predictably and reliably because the equipment utilized has been subjected to an extremely rigorous set of conformance tests that assure design compliance to IEEE 802.3 standards. This is especially important considering the newer IEEE 802.3bt standard that places much greater demands on equipment to assure backward and forward compatibility.



According to Himanshu Mehra, Director Enterprise Networks at Cisco:

“The workplace is rapidly and forever changing. Sustainability and wellness are now top of mind. 90W PoE powered smart building technology, converging a building’s IT and OT, will be at the center of this transformation. We believe as the network becomes a critical element of the building, and as our ecosystem of partners continues to rapidly expand, being able to test and certify those solutions becomes a requirement. That is why we truly appreciated the Ethernet Alliance taking the lead on developing their certification program at this critical time.”

“The growth of PoE 2 (Gen 2) alongside existing PoE 1 (Gen 1) devices requires solutions that are backwards compatible and fully interoperable for a seamless PoE infrastructure,” said David Tremblay, system architect, Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company. “The Ethernet Alliance PoE Certification program and corresponding class logos reduce network downtime and troubleshooting when using certified products subjected to a rigorous IEEE 802.3 standards based test plan. Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company proudly displays Ethernet Alliance Certified logos on PoE devices helping customers, integrators, and installers provide the highest level of interoperable PoE solutions across multiple vendors and devices. The Gen 2 and Gen 1 EA Certified products are essential to new and existing PoE deployments as they simply work right out of the box when connected to the network.”


Manufacturers of PSE’s and PD’s have two options for obtaining the required testing necessary to receive the Ethernet Alliance PoE logo certifications.

3rd PARTY TESTING: One option is to work with a certified 3rd party laboratory where products are submitted and testing is conducted by an outside party approved by the Ethernet Alliance. This approach makes the most sense when only a few products are to be certified and the need for re-certifications due to product updates or product variants are rare.

1st PARTY TESTING: The second option is to perform the testing internally using Ethernet Alliance approved test equipment. In this scenario, testing is performed by the manufacturer or product developer and test reports are submitted to the Ethernet Alliance PoE Logo Certification program auditor, UNH-IOL. This approach makes the most sense when more than a few products are to be certified and/or need for re-certifications due to product variants and revisions are more frequent. 1st Party Testing becomes even more attractive when that testing is fully automated and requires minimal internal resources (time and money) to conduct.

The Sifos PSA-3000 and PSA-3402 are presently the only PSE Conformance Test Systems approved for the Ethernet Alliance Gen 1 PSE and Gen 2 PSE testing. The Sifos PDA-602 and PDA-604 are presently the only PD Conformance Test Systems approved for the Ethernet Alliance Gen 1 PD and Gen 2 PD testing. Both instrument families offer fully automated, plug’n play testing.


Sifos customers that already run PSE and/or PD conformance testing with Sifos test systems are well positioned to pursue the 1st Party Testing alternative. PSE’s and PD’s that successfully pass non Ethernet Alliance Mode PSE Conformance Tests and PD Conformance Tests using Sifos equipment are likely to succeed with the Ethernet Alliance MODE testing when run using those same test systems.    

For further information on acquiring EA Certification for PoE products, see:

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