Essentia AI offers free OCR and document management in the cloud


There are no shortage of free OCR tools available in the market that can convert images and scans of paper documents into digitized, searchable files. OCR, short for optical character recognition, is an essential tool in transforming traditional business document management from a paper based system to a digital based system. But even with free OCR tools, there are issues when it comes to being able to scale to process large numbers of documents in a timely and cost effective manner. When you have thousands of scans or images of paper files that need to be digitized, it can be a months long process to use these free tools to convert them into an easily indexed and searchable format.

To address this issue, AuriQ Systems, has released their free cloud based document management service with built in OCR called Essentia AI. The service allows users to upload thousands of files at once to their free cloud storage. As soon as they are loaded, the OCR engine begins processing these files and can be scaled to thousands of files by distributing the processing across multiple compute instances. For a few hundred files, it can be a few minutes to process, and for a few thousand files, it can take a few hours. Once processed, these files can now be searched, indexed, and shared. The service includes project based permissioning for security as well as being run on AWS infrastructure for redundancy, reliability and security.

“With Essentia AI, you can have a whole file cabinets worth of documents ready to searched within a day.” says Ko Ikudome, CEO of AuriQ Systems.

AuriQ is offering the Essentia AI service for free. Users can sign up immediately online at


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