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CivX, a startup empowering Americans through innovative civic engagement, today announces the introduction of the “tap-to-lobby” contribution feature as part of the all new version of the app available on Android and iOS. In addition to the app’s mission to provide an easy-to-use solution for staying informed on legislation related to pertinent social issues, the inclusion of the monetary contribution feature allows users to become de facto lobbyists and directly reward lawmaking action taken by members of Congress.

Utilizing credit card or Apple Pay, CivX introduces users to an innovative approach for making political contributions toward the reelection campaigns of Congress members that align with their own position on key legislation that impact their daily lives. Individuals who strongly support or oppose a bill can choose to make contributions reflecting their position within the app by choosing pre-listed contribution options or simply making a contribution of a custom amount.

“In our current political environment, there have been unprecedented levels of fundraising by candidates from everyday citizens across both major political parties,” said CivX co-founder, Jason Riccardi. “This type of fundraising can often be based on simple affinity for a certain cult-of-personality appeal that so many of today’s politicians seek to exploit. CivX is a platform that turns this system upside-down and allows citizens to signal what legislation they strongly support or oppose and, in turn, making monetary political support contingent on the actions taken by elected officials,” he concluded.

All contributions made by users to support a bill are pooled together and will be disbursed to the members of Congress that voted to pass the bill once it formally passes through Congress. The same method would apply for users that made contributions to oppose the passage of that same bill.


In addition to legislation crowdfunding, the intuitive Civx app currently includes the following features:

-View the entire library of bills proposed by Congress

-Stay notified of bill progress with custom bill tracking

-Seamlessly take a position by swiping to support or oppose bills

-Share bills of interest through text and social media

-View custom video content

CivX is available for free download on GooglePlay and the Apple App Store. For more information, please visit


CivX has created a platform that aims to ultimately help re-elect representatives who most accurately reflect the voices of the citizens within and outside of their voting district. CivX allows U.S. citizens to bypass the interests of major corporations, wealthy individuals, and special interest groups that have demonstrated an outsized influence on Congress. With CivX, Americans can directly inform themselves on critical legislative matters and crowdfund necessary resources to make their voices heard. For more information, please visit

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