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Stockpile is the first trading app to eliminate even more barriers impeding users from entering the stock market

Stockpile, Inc., the investment app making it easier for users to get started, today announced it is the first trading app to remove all trading fees, including SEC and TAF fees, for users. While many competitors offer commission-free trading, Stockpile is removing an additional layer. Effective immediately, Stockpile users can take advantage of Stockpile’s zero trading fee model. Additionally, users will no longer be charged any fees related to account funding or purchases of gift cards for stock.

“Stockpile is the first trading app to eliminate even more barriers impeding users from entering the stock market,” said Stockpile, Inc. CEO Victor Wang. “Starting is everything and by eliminating fees, Stockpile’s investors have the opportunity to invest without impediments. Your $10 investment is $10 in the stock of your choice and your $10 gift card purchase is converted into $10 in the stock of the recipient’s choice.”

This announcement comes as part of a concentrated effort by the trading app to drive financial literacy. Individuals often don’t invest because they have minimal knowledge of how the market works and believe they need to have thousands of dollars on hand to start investing. This lack of capital is a hindrance, and for those who primarily utilize fractional investing, added fees make a small investment even smaller. By eliminating fees related to funding, trading and gifting stock, Stockpile is assisting all users in maximizing their investment dollars.

“We believe everyone should be afforded the opportunity to invest in the stock market and Stockpile is making it easier for individuals to get started,” said Wang. “Stockpile users are different. Our customers don’t look like other investors and we want to remove as many hurdles as possible so everyone can experience the advantages of investment.”

In addition to zero fee trading, Stockpile is unveiling new company colors, a reimagined logo and additional content to assist with enhancing the knowledge of new and existing traders.

About Stockpile, Inc.

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Stockpile, Inc. is making it easier to start investing in the stock market. With the vision for creating equitable and equal access for all, Stockpile is changing the way investments are made with zero fee trading, custodial accounts, gift cards and fractional investing, allowing users to own blue chip stocks without the price tag associated with these stable investments. Stockpile has been featured in Consumer Reports, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal and the app has earned a 4.7 rating on the app store.

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