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Our customers can be assured that our commitment to providing top-quality products has not changed.

WeSellCellular, a leading wholesale provider of second hand smartphones, is pleased to announce a record $25.6M in sales volume in second hand smartphones for the first quarter 2021. This is a significant increase over sales in the first quarters of 2019 ($17.2M) and 2020 ($19.4M). To benefit its growing base of global customers, WeSellCellular continues to expand its supply relationships and staff, while remaining focused on overall commitment to quality.

“As we are increasingly reliant on smartphone technologies to manage our daily lives, there is growing demand within the industry for a consistent supply of accurately-graded phones,” says Scott Tepfer, President of WeSellCellular. “We are delighted that WeSellCellular is able to help meet this global need. Our customers can be assured that our commitment to providing top-quality products has not changed.”

To this end, WeSellCellular has recently expanded its testing and grading staff by 25%. This expanded team is focused on upholding WeSellCellular’s grading and testing standards that are:

  • Stringent
  • Reliable
  • Consistent

WeSellCellular encourages wholesalers, retailers, refurbishers, and distributors to take advantage of a newly streamlined customer onboarding process through which they can obtain real-time access to current stock availability. The revamped system includes a range of automated features that aim to significantly reduce onboarding times. Once onboarded, most orders ship within 24 hours.

For consistent wholesale supply and accurate grading of secondhand smartphones, please visit https://www.wesellcellular.com/.

About WeSellCellular:

WeSellCellular.com is the premier online platform where wholesalers, retailers, refurbishers, and distributors can buy new and used cell phones wholesale. Through relationships cultivated for over a decade, We Sell Cellular sources inventory directly from carriers, manufacturers, and big-box retailers. As veterans of the industry, the WeSellCellular team is well aware of the challenges that come along with inconsistent testing and grading, and it, therefore, strives to differentiate itself through transparency and consistency. When you buy from WeSellCellular, you know what you are getting, regardless of which stock you select.

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