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My team said they learned more about Product Management in 45 minutes than they had in years!

Proficientz announced today the availability of a free product management course for managing product enhancements. The free course, Implementing an Outcome-Based Product Enhancement Process, is for B2B product and service companies and available on-demand as part of the Product Management University On-Demand curriculum.

Implementing an Outcome-Based Product Enhancement Process is a complete solution that includes 24 minutes of video instruction, 3 hands-on exercises and a step-by-step guide for implementation and rollout. It offers three key benefits to product managers.

1.    Quantifying the customer value of enhancements will be easier.

2.    Enhancement lists will be significantly shorter and easier to manage.

3.    Prioritization will no longer be subjective based on opinions of a feature’s value.

The approach most organizations use to manage product enhancements makes things more difficult according to John Mansour, founder and managing partner at Proficientz. “It’s based on assigning value to features which is highly subjective. The lack of consistency and predictability is equally frustrating to sales, services, marketing, engineering, and most of all, customers.”

Quantifying Customer Value

Most product enhancement requests are feature wish lists that have no value context around what those features will help customers accomplish, why those outcomes are important, and the problems or challenges standing in the way of those outcomes. It’s a big reason why so many B2B products are rich with features that customers don’t use.

No one wants to build useless features. This free course will shift your thinking from features that solve problems to features that deliver measurable customer outcomes, making it easier to quantify the value of proposed features and get them funded.

Shorter Enhancement Lists That Are Easier Manage

One of the most frustrating things for product managers that makes them feel like they’re fighting a losing battle is that the enhancement lists always grow faster than features can be delivered. Implementing an Outcome-Based Product Enhancement Process will help product managers keep their enhancement lists to 12 or so items. It’s one more benefit of using outcomes versus problems or features to manage product enhancements.

Value-Based Prioritization

The value of a feature starts with the value of the outcome customers get from that feature. Implementing an Outcome-Based Product Enhancement Process will teach product managers how to prioritize based on measurable customer outcomes, making feature prioritization straightforward and objective.

Kate Pichelman, head of product at Gensler, an integrated architecture, design, planning, and consulting firm, used the free course as a team building exercise. “Our team completed this course together. The video was a great conversation starter for us to get on the same page tactically and strategically. We loved the activity, and the team said they learned more about Product Management in 45 minutes than they had in years! We look forward to more lessons together using the full Proficientz program of 14 on-demand lessons and exercises.”

Implementing an outcome-based product enhancement process is the first step to creating a value-based product culture. It forces everyone that touches the products or the customers to make business outcomes the centerpiece of every conversation before bringing problems and features into the mix.

Register today and take the first step in creating a value-based product culture.

About Proficientz

Proficientz is a training organization that specializes in B2B product management, product marketing and product demos. Proficientz clients build, market and sell more valuable solutions because they get hands-on training that’s personalized to their products, their markets and the structure of their organization. Proficientz clients learn a unique customer-outcome approach to managing, marketing and selling solutions which further simplifies their learning and adoption.

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