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Apple Pie is a place where teachers can communicate in a casual, functional, and organized discussion.

Apple Pie app has officially launched in the iTunes App Store. Apple Pie is an app for educators grades Pre-K-12 to network and share ideas privately and exclusively. The app is structured like most social media apps with profiles, a home feed, private messaging, and other features, but is designed for teachers only. This format allows teachers to connect casually and professionally without interference from non-teachers.

“As a teacher, I wanted a way to connect with other teachers on a platform that was solely for educators,” said Marissa Keim, owner and founder of Apple Pie app. “Since many schools have moved to remote teaching, the exchange of advice, ideas, and just venting has become increasingly important with the educator community.”

Apple Pie’s functionality makes it well-organized and easy to use. Users can categorize their posts by subject and grade level as well as tags, which serve as filters in the search tab. This makes it easy for users to find posts they are interested in. Other features include blogging, event organizations, and lesson reviews.

Keim invented Apple Pie after finding it difficult to connect with teachers on other social networks without interruption from students and parents. What makes Apple Pie a unique and necessary social platform is its ability to eliminate external clutter and chatter from a teacher’s workspace.

“Apple Pie is a place where teachers can communicate in a casual, functional, and organized discussion.”

Apple Pie is available in the iTunes app store, download today or visit the official Facebook page.

About Apple Pie:

Founded by Houston, Texas teacher Marissa Keim in 2020, Apple Pie’s mission is to support and empower educators by connecting them with one another. No one understands a career in education like another educator, and as teachers ourselves, we want to provide an online platform that will serve the specific needs of those in our field. We curated Apple Pie specifically to PK-12 educators so that you can look in one place for ideas, advice, and build a network of friends in education that understand exactly what you’re going through. Use it to dish about how awesome that ninth grade writing lesson went last week or get suggestions on forming a strong math foundation for your second-grade mathletes. Use it to promote your store or organize happy hour with your colleagues. Apple Pie is for teachers, by teachers. For more information visit the official Facebook page.

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