“RxCap’s ability to initiate medication adherence monitoring programs directly from Epic, canhelp to significantly simplify care for patients with complex medication regimens.”

RxCap, Inc., integrates with Epic Systems providing EMR integrated prescription adherence data services to improve patient outcomes, now available within the Epic App Orchard.

RxCap provides prescription adherence solutions that enable real-time medication utilization data for patients to doctors, clinicians and healthcare teams and organizations. The RxCap platform helps patients and their families focus on their health by providing accurate adherence data for critical prescription medications. Patients are reminded when to take their medications or can easily view if and when their medications have already been taken, as well as relaying real time data to their healthcare team, leading to healthier outcomes.

“RxCap’s ability to initiate medication adherence monitoring programs directly from Epic, can help to significantly simplify care for patients with complex medication regimens. Additionally, for the clinicians who are involved in research projects, this provides a unique opportunity not only to access the adherence data for a specific patient without leaving the EMR, but to have additional information about medications handling, like humidity and temperature, all through RxCap’s portal directly integrated with Epic. Doctors can now have adherence data at their fingertips, within seconds, at the point of care,” Yauheni Solad, MD, MHS, Yale Center for Clinical Informatics

Patients may utilize the RxCap products and platform once an invitation is provided via the health provider. Once initiated, all medication “takes” are automatically recorded via the SmartCap and sent to the cloud system or a patient can manually record and view their “takes” in the mobile or web applications.

“Medication non-adherence places a significant health and cost burden on patients and healthcare systems. Leading organizations are seeking EMR-integrated data solutions to address prescription compliance, and RxCap is proud to be available within the App Orchard to provide this data driven capability,” says Sreeram Ramakrishnan, CEO of RxCap Inc.

About RxCap:
RxCap, Inc. is a Boston-based prescription adherence technology corporation enabling better patient outcomes. RxCap provides medical prescription compliance and adherence products and data services to healthcare enterprises to enable better patient outcomes. Through its broad hardware portfolio and APIs, RxCap enables clients to develop innovative care management services.

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Press Contact: Ethan Alexander, CRO

EMAIL: Ethan@rxcap.com

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