ELVA-1 announced MobiBridge 10G, an ultra-compact V-band 10GE radio…


ELVA-1 MobiBridge 10G is ultra-compact 10 Gbps V-band radio for train inter-carriage connectivity. Other applications include vessels to ground and buses to stops 10GE connectivity.

ELVA-1 announced the world’s first 10 Gigabit MobiBridge 10G solution for the transport market. Complementary to mm-wave 5G networks, MobiBridge 10G is specifically designed as a highly adaptable solution for different scenarios. Applications include high-speed inter-carriage communications and data offloading from trains, passenger ships’ broadband Internet connection at berths, and public transport applications.

For railways operators, ELVA-1 MobiBridge 10G provides the ability to dynamically create an end-to-end 10-gigabit network across the train. This is convenient for carriage re-composition, changing the number of carriages on the train, depending on the route demand or seasonal load. With an electronically scanned antenna and auto-setup, the MobiBridge 10G supports dynamic carriage replacement by re-building a train network as soon as the carriage gets into antenna range.

When a train is equipped with data storage, then it is possible to accumulate files on the way, and at stations to upload and download videos and other large files that passengers exchange with friends and colleagues.

MobiBridge radio supports 7 x 2000 MHz sub-bands within 57-to-71 GHz V-band license-free frequency spectrum to comply with national regulation requirements worldwide. Each radio has a built-in electronically scanned antenna to search for other side radios and establishes the connection automatically.


The max distance range at a true full-duplex 10GE connectivity is up to 10 m. For applications required longer distance like Internet connection of passenger ship to access point at berth, the radio could adapt the modulation to reach as long as up to 500 m.

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