Identity reading on the move gets easier
thanks to Elyctis ID BOX One 341, the all-in-one mobile eDocument reader

ID BOX One 341 and sleeve

Alexandre Joly, Elyctis CEO, says: “The ID BOX One 341, part of our ID BOX One – Handheld Series brings utmost flexibility to our customers. Border control and police officers, airports, car rental offices and the hospitality industry, … will use the ID BOX One 341 to streamline their operations.”

Elyctis is proud to announce the ID BOX One 341 that brings a breakthrough in performance and user-friendliness to all agents in charge of verifying eID documents in mobility situations. The ID BOX One 341 is able to read the MRZ of an eID as well as its data in contact and contactless modes while it also includes a sensor to acquire the fingerprint of a controlled person. With its small form factor, suitable for one-hand operation, the ID BOX One 341 brings mobility to ID control applications that were previously restricted to fixed mode. The ID BOX One 341 brings the ideal combination in terms of size, power consumption, lifetime and cost of ownership. A video showing the operation of the ID BOX One 341 is available here:

The ID BOX One 341 consists in a sleeve that includes all readers (MRZ, contact, contactless and fingerprint) on which a smartphone or tablet can be attached. This way each systems integrator or application developer is able to choose its hardware and develop the user interface that is the most adapted to each customer demand, making the user learning curve easy and efficient. The ID BOX One 341 works with any Android / Windows smart phone or tablet PC.

Typically, the ID BOX One 341 brings the most suitable solution in cases such as police identification or border control where the officer is charge of control has to be able to read various types of IDs (ePassports, ID cards, etc.) and authenticate the fingerprint of the controlled person. In applicative environments such as airports or car rental locations, being able to authenticate a customer thanks to all aspects of an ID document combined with a fingerprint brings flexibility and efficiency to check-in operations. Hotels, travel agents, financial institutions will also find means to optimize their processes thanks to the mobility and flexibility brought by the ID BOX One 341.

The latest ID BOX One 341 builds upon the long-standing experience accumulated by Elyctis thanks to its extensive range of ID BOX One eID readers: the Desktop series that sits on a desk, the Attach series that are used in complement to a kiosk, the OEM series made to be integrated into a larger piece of equipment.

Alexandre Joly, Elyctis CEO, declares: “The ID BOX One 341, part of our ID BOX One – Handheld Series brings utmost flexibility to our customers. Border control and police officers will praise its flexibility and efficiency while organizations such as airports, car rental offices and the hospitality industry will find in the ID BOX One 341 new means to streamline their operations.”

The ID BOX One 341, like all Elyctis ID BOX One readers can read any type of ID document in a single insertion without swipes or additional movements. It reads the MRZ of the document and optionally the RFID of contactless documents, such as ePassports, most eIDs or eDriving licenses. The ID BOX One readers are USB powered, thus reducing the number of cables and are compatible with Windows, Android and Linux making their integration easy.

The ID BOX One 341 is already available from Elyctis. It includes by default the ability to read contact, contactless and MRZ of ID documents while acquiring the controlee fingerprint. Additional versions can be considered, with different fingerprint sensors, for instance, to fit specific customer requirements. More information at and on

About Elyctis

Created in 2008, Elyctis mission is to supply system integrators with mobile and fixed solutions to access data of eIDs (NIC, passport, resident permits, driving license). The company specializes in the development, industrialization, production and marketing of readers and software dedicated to Secure Identity Documents (e-passport, e-ID card, e-driver license,..). The company, which now employs 20 people, has a longstanding expertise in eID projects, as well as hardware and software developments, especially in the combination of optics, antenna design, high security software and integration. Elyctis sells its products through its network of distributors and systems integrators, to whom it provides a development environment to facilitate the use of its readers. Elyctis is headquartered in Pertuis, France, and has sales offices in Hong Kong and Bangalore.

Alexandre Joly, Elyctis founder and CEO is a laureate of Reseau Entreprendre in 2011, and a laureate of the Reseau Entreprendre Ambition program in 2016.

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