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Margaret Crotty, CEO, Partnership with Children

Together, we will provide even deeper programming in schools, engage students and families, and partner with principals as a leading provider in the community school movement.– Partnership with Children CEO Margaret Crotty

Partnership with Children (PWC), New York City’s leading provider of school-based integrated support services and community school programming, announced its affiliation with The Center for Arts Education (CAE), which provides research-based arts programming in schools and professional development for school leaders. The organizations have results-oriented and complementary programs that enhance children’s social-emotional learning, communication, and critical thinking skills; increase parent engagement, and improve school environments and educational outcomes.

Together, the two organizations work with over 100 schools and reach over 30,000 students, with a broad range of federal, state and city contracts as well as private support. The new affiliation will enable the mission-aligned organizations to increase their collective footprint of New York City schools, reach more children, provide a broader array of programs, and make a deeper impact on the lives of students and their families across the five boroughs. The partnership will expand both organizations’ delivery of programs to children in under-resourced schools across New York City.

Both nonprofits will retain their brands and identities, and Margaret Crotty, CEO of Partnership with Children, will lead both organizations. They will benefit from operational excellence and shared resources such as executive, administrative, financial, and HR functions.


“Partnership with Children is proud to collaborate with The Center for Arts Education as a thought leader in its field. Its foundational principal that the arts can reach young people in a unique way and can transform the culture of a school is very much aligned with PWC’s efforts to build community schools and ensure that no child slips through the cracks,” Crotty said. “Together, we will provide even deeper programming in schools, engage students and families, and partner with principals as a leading provider in the community school movement.”

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to announce our affiliation with Partnership with Children, a deeply respected nonprofit that has, for over a century, strengthened schools and enhanced students’ emotional, social and cognitive skills,” said Jill Braufman, Chair of the Board at CAE. “PWC’s impressive executive leadership and financial and administrative management will allow CAE to grow as the leading provider of high-quality arts programming in schools, and to help more students reach their full potential.”

Partnership with Children was founded in 1908 and has a long history of placing social workers and community school directors in schools to improve young people’s social-emotional and cognitive skills, and to ensure that schools are safe and conducive to learning. Guided by neuroscience, PWC’s staff are embedded fulltime in schools to provide consistent, trauma-informed care, oversee enrichment programming, and work with school staff and families. Its “whole child” programs increase attendance, promotion and graduation rates, and student achievement rates.

For over two decades, CAE has brought comprehensive and effective arts education and professional development to students, teachers and administrators in pre-K-12 schools across New York City. CAE will stay true to its brand, providing innovative programs that increase skills in arts disciplines and improve learning across multiple subject areas. CAE will remain committed to ensuring that all New York City public school students receive the quality arts instruction they deserve.

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