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The SqwaQ team is thrilled to be chosen as a Top 20 Texas Startup for 2020

SqwaQ, a Dallas based startup specializing in robust, mobile connectivity for Industrial IoT applications, announced today that it has been named one of the Top 20 Texas Startups to Watch in 2020.

The company has developed a proprietary new mobile modem called the SqwaQbox that combines the bandwidth of up to twelve 4G/LTE data links into one robust, multi-redundant broadband connection. The unique solution delivers the throughput capacity needed to support high bandwidth, Industrial IoT applications like HIPAA compliant telemedicine for ambulances, scramble encrypted comms for beyond line-of-sight drone flights, SCADA information for oil and gas exploration, and dozens of other Industrial IoT (IIoT) applications. But patented hardware is only part of the solution it offers.

SqwaQ is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) holding wholesale bandwidth agreements with cellular networks that allow the company to provision customized data services on over 600 cellular networks across 130 countries worldwide. The bandwidth is robust enough to stream two 1080p cameras simultaneously with less than one-second latency, plus Voice-over-IP and other sensor data. It can also prioritize whatever data types the user transmits, according to user definable parameters and level of importance.

Although 5G is beginning to emerge in a few markets, it cannot serve the needs of most mobile IIoT applications SqwaQ targets and neither will a single 4G connection. SqwaQ has introduced a timely service that meets the needs of many industries, just as robust data connectivity is becoming a necessity for these mission critical, mobile applications. The company is currently negotiating with OEMs and signing distribution partners across its target vertical markets.

“The SqwaQ team is thrilled to be selected as a Top 20 Texas Startup. It is a terrific Christmas surprise while we are all sacrificing family time and long hours to exceed customer and investor expectations”, said Ted Lindsley, CEO.

SqwaQ was selected as one of four favorites on the list to participate on a panel discussion in front of investors, January 30th, 2020, at the Capital Factory in Dallas. That showcase is sponsored by Accenture, University of Texas at Dallas, and Thompson Reuters among others. Having already raised $1.2M, the company just began searching for the right financial partner to lead its next expansion equity round.

About SqawQ
SqwaQ is an MVNO service provider focused on high-value mobile, Industrial IoT applications that demand reliable multi-redundant connectivity like aviation, telemedicine, oil and gas, and commercial construction. Founded in 2018, the company has more than a dozen patents issued or pending on its multi-redundant 3G/4G/LTE/5G communications modem which is manufactured to AS9100 and DO-160 specification in the USA. SqwaQ has wholesale bandwidth agreements with major cellular networks to provision its own customized data services on over 600 cellular networks across 130 countries. Learn more at

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