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MobileHR, just released to the Apple and Android app stores, is a feature-rich HR app, designed for U.S. small businesses with fewer than 100 employees. It gives small business owners and employees access to HR functions on the go or out on the job, so they don’t need to be at a desk. It’s designed to give users a better experience than expensive HR software watered-down into a limited app that often frustrates users and requires extra staff to assist. It gives small business owners more for less, and saving them time and cash flow. Mobility enables immediacy for the whole business, saving immeasurable time and cost, and accelerates growth.

MobileHR has modern native features users expect for ease of use, security, and speed. Built from the ground up for all mobile phones and tablets, MobileHR is everywhere you or your employees are. It will replace all of your paper files and spreadsheets, save you time and money, and simplify the time-consuming task of managing everything HR. The Startup Wizard and video tutorials make getting up and running so easy, you can have your company set up the same day, even if you’re not an HR expert. No software to install or manage – just download the app from your mobile store.

With MobileHR, you can collect, maintain and manage employee data, track time and attendance, project manage, handle vacation and time-off requests, manage employee benefits, feed payroll data directly to your payroll processor, upload employee documents, and more. MobileHR integrates with your phone/calendar/SMS/email apps, as well as your device’s file storage, camera (for document scan and upload to the app), optional GPS for field employees, and even popular Quickbooks. It even has its own Company Directory, Messaging, and Organization Chart capability.

Surprisingly affordable, MobileHR offers a FREE 7-day trial. Try it, and if you like it, then keep it for a low $74.99 per month for your whole company, no matter how much of it you use, how many employees you have, or whether they’re full-time, part-time, active, lapsed, or retired. There’s no per employee/record charges. No hidden fees, startup costs, contracts, or long-term commitments, and directly billed to your existing app store account. Free for use by all of your employees. It’s everything you need for just $74.99 per month, including setup, ongoing support, and even migration from another system.

With MobileHR, you get all of this and a whole lot more:

  • 24/7 access to Employee, Company and Position data, on your phone or tablet
  • Time, attendance, and project/billing tracking
  • Absenteeism and time off tracking
  • Performance management, benefits administration, and company directory
  • Upload and storage capabilities for important documents
  • Easy to export payroll data to any major payroll processor
  • Employee and manager self-service to ease your workload
  • Standard and custom reports as well as search
  • Role-based security to control user access
  • Startup wizard for company, employee, and administration setup
  • In-app help and video tutorials
  • Free customer support, set-up and migration
  • Completely secure and you own your data
  • Web browser/PC/desktop access available for desktops and laptops

Easy and designed to keep you fully compliant and secure, MobileHR gives you and your employees the freedom to manage “HR wherever you are”. For more information and videos, visit the website Download it from the app store on your phone or tablet to try it out now.

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