Grind Banking Gets the Underserved Community Paid 2 Days Earlier


Grind Banking, the thriving fintech for African Americans, focuses on getting their customers paid on Wednesdays with ‘Early Direct Deposit.’ No more “hurry up and wait,” or fabricating patience while your funds are held up in some mysterious electronic vortex. Customers who set up direct deposit on their Grind accounts are eligible to be paid two days earlier than is available at traditional banks allowing them early access to their paycheck.

“It’s something we can offer as a fintech that big banks have had low interest to adopt,” said B.C Silver, Founder and CEO of Grind Banking. “Early Direct Deposit is great for our mission because it’s just one more feature that we’re offering that empowers the underserved community with tools they need to run a fair economic race.”

Early Direct Deposit works by customers setting up their payroll check to be deposited directly into their Grind banking account just like they would with any traditional brick-and-mortar-bank. Additionally, Grind Banking’s Direct deposit works on various payment methods such as tax returns, veterans benefits, social security, and many more.

“Some might see it as just getting paid early, and brush it off thinking they don’t need it,” continued B.C Silver. “But if getting our customers paid two days earlier is one more way for them to improve the quality of their work week – then that’s what our focus will be.” Grind Banking continues to have its finger on the pulse of the community, with a fundamental understanding of the integral importance of both, time and money.


About Grind Banking

Grind Banking is a fintech company built for the African American community. Headquartered out of South Central LA’s Crenshaw district’s famed Vector90 offices, GRIND aims to address the issue of unbalanced accessibility to banking within the African American community. GRIND provides its members FDIC insured debit accounts and a mobile banking app that conforms to the needs of the user. There are no overdraft fees, no ATM fees, and no monthly fee options available for different tiers of the account. Grind Banking has been featured in Yahoo Finance, Black Enterprise, and

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