Detechtion Technologies, the global leading Industrial IoT and Mobility solution provider in the oil and gas industry, today announced the launch of a new product, the Enbase® Asset Monitor, a rugged, industrial IoT device designed for remotely monitoring the run status and location of your oilfield assets.

The Enbase Asset Monitor determines an asset’s run status using a built-in accelerometer to detect vibration. It also tracks GPS coordinates to determine when the asset is in motion and to send proactive location updates. All of this is available in a rugged, weatherproof, hazardous location-certified device that runs on solar-powered batteries with a 10-year battery life and is installed in minutes with no wiring or external antenna required.

The Enbase Asset Monitor sends messages via satellite network, which has coverage throughout the oilfield. The Enbase Asset Monitor reports back to the Enbase Dashboard, where users will be able to take advantage of the robust callout and acknowledgement functionality, alongside comprehensive availability reporting.

The Enbase Asset Monitor is part of a family of Enbase products that allow companies to manage groups of remote assets. It’s the perfect solution for monitoring lower horsepower natural gas compressors that may not have an economic justification for more capable (and more expensive) solutions like the Enbase Hub. These compressors can often run on ignition power that don’t provide sufficient power for a control panel or have “tattletale” panels with older annunciators that do not have Modbus data to monitor. Finally, it’s an excellent solution for rotating equipment like pumps and gensets or tracking other oilfield assets that move around frequently, such as chemical tanks and totes.

“With the Enbase Asset Monitor as a lower cost option, Detechtion has expanded its offerings to enable customers to remotely monitor their entire fleet economically,” said Eric Neason, Senior Vice President of Products & Services at Detechtion. “Fleetwide monitoring helps ensure efficient and reliable equipment service, while reducing windshield time and improving safety.”

About Detechtion Technologies
Detechtion Technologies is the market leading Industrial IoT and mobile application provider enabling the digital oilfield. Through its Enalysis®, Enbase® and Fieldlink® product lines, Detechtion offers solutions for chemical injection, compression, and other production operations. Using Detechtion’s Monitor, Protect, Control, Optimize™ paradigm, customers are able to automate assets with a single hardware device. Over 100 customers and thousands of users depend on Detechtion Technologies to monitor and manage over 10,000 assets worldwide.

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