Revolutionary solutions from Flypoint Software – 3D browser, FLYP language instead of HTML and parallel worlds on the Internet

Press Release updated: Nov 6, 2018

Flypoint Software’s campaign of a very ambitious project ( has been launched on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. It is about an alternative to HTML and the release of a new browser. This already happened in history 28 years ago when Tim Berners Lee launched a prototype of modern browsers. We all know what kind of continuation this past event had. How will the story of Flypoint 3D Browser turn out, which is unfolding right now before our eyes? Will people in a few years go online and get into the worldwide virtual reality?

“We combined math, engineering standards, took some ideas from HTML5, added working principles of neural networks and got a real innovation storm. This is unbelievable, but it seems that it will not be necessary to program for the new 3D Internet. The worldwide virtual reality will be created exclusively by designers,” says Vladimir Novoselov, CEO and chief developer of Flypoint Software.

What will be the future 3D sites? Will people be able to walk around them as in action games, move above the surface as in strategies, fly as in flight simulators? Or will it be some kind of model which users will be able to twist in front of them as in CAD systems? Flypoint Software developers state that the designer will be able to choose any of these options to his own taste and even combine them in one scene.

“Videos on the Flypoint 3D Browser work are available online,” continues Vladimir Novoselov. “Everyone can see the browser at work; we have posted a lot of details on our website Our crowdfunding campaign is not exactly typical – we want to work on the browser for another year, but already together with other people who would like to take part in the creation of the new 3D Internet. We are really lacking now reaction of those who are interested in our tool and who understand what a huge audience the first sites of the worldwide virtual reality can attract. The main goal of the campaign is to start a public discussion, find like-minded people and give them the browser already now. This will definitely lead to the emergence of a large number of new ideas. There will be enough time to finalize the browser if necessary. We want to direct all the collected funds to advertise our joint FLYP projects with investors. The fact is that the browser itself will never be able to interest a wide audience – people are really only interested in high-quality content and, in our company, we understand this important point well.”

We are all used to free browsers and Flypoint will be no exception, but this will happen only in a year. In the meantime, the product will be available to those who support the campaign. In the videos, viewers will not see fine renders, and there is nothing surprising about this, as the center of the action is interactive technical documentation of the browser, which is itself written in FLYP language. The developers say that bright renders from programmers, rather, should be alarming. But this is only the beginning – in the Flypoint 3D Browser, the system menu is also written in FLYP and is available for designers to change. Who knows what design the members of the club will come up with for the release of the browser?

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The company was founded in 2017 to promote science-based solutions in the field of design engineering and numerical calculations. The company introduced to the market Flypoint Parametrica – the first product in the world that made it possible to solve the problem of optimizing such complex objects as ship propellers. Before the advent of Parametrica, it had been believed that this much-needed task could have not been solved.

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