Crowd-funding campaign for completed product with built-in tokenized system is scheduled to open pre-sale Nov. 1st, 2018 at Malta Conference

Press Release updated: Oct 30, 2018, the patent-pending Smart Home Internet Security device, announced today that the unveiling and private crowd sale are set to launch on Nov. 1 at the Malta Blockchain Summit. The device offers a new generation of consumers an easy and affordable option to protect any home internet connection against intrusive or malicious content. The Honeybox partner network will also enable consumers to authenticate approved content and pay for services using a native token distributed over the blockchain. 

“Our mission is to empower the average consumer to take back control over private data – regardless of technical literacy,” said Bryant Maroney, founder of Honeybox. “The Honeybox is a simple consumer electronics plug-and-play device that plugs into the router to provide any household with the tools, knowledge, and power, to safeguard access to your private data.”

Consumers are painfully aware that private data has become the new frontier for exploitation by big business in the 21st century. Rampant data harvesting practices have spawned an entire industry of hidden services and “ad blockers” that track and monitor the content we consume, our social interactions, and quite literally every move we make. As if cybercrime, viruses, malware, credit and identity theft were not enough of a threat – the reality is that our very identity has become a new type of natural resource.

By 2023, the use of IOT devices is expected to increase by 300 percent – including voice activation, banking, retail, home appliances, to thermostats and wearables. This represents a fundamental shift in the balance of power, much like the revolutionary influence of personal computing followed by the internet. As the number of internet-connected devices continues to increase, so does the volume of private data harvested.

Honeybox empowers consumers to safeguard private data by offering a simple device that scans, authenticates, and verifies each and every data packet that flows through a home internet connection for each and every internet-enabled device.

Honeybox devices are currently available through pre-order on their website at with an expected initial ship date of February.

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Bryant Maroney

Source: Honeybox