is Now Able to Remove From Over 500 Sites Worldwide


Press Release updated: May 9, 2018

Guaranteed Removal is now able to remove negative content from more than 500 sites worldwide. Company Founder Adam Parks is proud to announce that individuals and clients can now more widely protect their online reputations.

Adam Parks says, “Our clients are able to work with us confidently knowing that we have a wide reach and are able to protect their online reputation with our team of experts.”

Guaranteed Removal can guarantee that, when requested, relevant records are removed on behalf of their personal and business clients.

Guaranteed Removal uses only legal means to remove mugshots, arrest records, and other damaging content from the public domain. The company prides itself on only using online reputation experts in the industry. Nothing is outsourced overseas, so the company has a full understanding of the legal mechanisms present in the U.S.


Adam Parks explains, “Our team has always been based right here in America. We believe in allowing our clients to order with confidence in an industry that has had some reputation issues in the past.”

Furthermore, the wider reach of being able to remove records from 500 of the most prominent websites around the world allows clients to guarantee that a specific record or mugshot will be removed.

Guaranteed Removal offers a quality guarantee to all its clients. If a record isn’t successfully removed, the client automatically gets their money returned. This is part of the company’s bold pledge to offer a service that works every single time.


Guaranteed Removal is a specialist in content removals such as mugshots, arrest records, and sensitive personal information from the online arena. They focus on helping individuals and businesses improve their online reputations.

The company has been in business since 2012 and has already removed thousands of mugshots and arrest records from more than 500 websites globally.

Guaranteed Removal is located in Sarasota, Florida and has taken on thousands of clients personally and in the business world. Its main philosophies on the online content removal industry are transparency and success.

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